The Anxious Child: Helping A Child That Suffers From Anxiety

When your child is displaying signs of anxiety, it's important to learn how you can help. Whether your child has recently begun acting out in school, gets upset often over seemingly nothing, or has had significant behavioral changes in the past few months, it's time to talk with a professional who can help you sort out what is going on with your child.

Stay Calm Yourself

When you are anxious about your child's behavior changes, your child will feel your tension. In order to help your child that is suffering from anxiety, you have to remain calm and clear headed so that they can feel safe to talk to you about what is going on.

Teach Coping Skills

Anxiety gets worse when you don't have the coping skills necessary to deal with it. When you are a child, your ability to cope with stress in life can easily derail your level of functioning. To help your child learn coping skills, take a time out when they are behaving in an anxious manner. Learn to take a step back from the anxiety producing moment and simply breathe. 

Consider Professional Therapy

While your child may suffer from periodic anxiety, a child that is chronically in a state of nervousness will benefit from meeting with a professional counselor. A therapist will talk with your child and get to the bottom of what may be causing their anxiety. The therapist will teach your child tools to learn how to cope, and the therapist may work with you to teach you how to better support your anxious child.

Listen Closely to Your Child

If your child is complaining about feeling nervous, take a moment to sit and really listen. Even if your child complains on a consistent basis, when they begin to complain about feeling anxious or nervous it's important to pay attention. Try to listen for the underlying problem without reacting too dramatically. Your child may have legitimate reasons for their anxiety and when they begin talking about it, it's time to listen carefully.

Be the Safe Person they Need

All parents strive to be a safe person for their child, and this is even more important when your child suffers from anxiety. Your child needs to know that they can come to you with any of their concerns, and understand that you will listen without judgement. When your child suffers from anxiety, they need a safe haven where they can talk about their worries and fears.

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