How Remote Addiction Coaching Can Help When You're Dealing With Alcohol Addiction

If you have an addiction to alcohol, you might consider remote addiction coaching. Addiction coaching can be done for a variety of drug addictions, including alcohol. Having support while you give up alcohol could make all the difference in your success. You may find remote coaching fits your lifestyle better so you keep your sessions. Here's how remote addiction coaching might work.

You'll Have Scheduled Sessions

Your budget may determine the number of sessions you have each week, but you'll probably be encouraged to meet with your coach at least once weekly. This gives you accountability for your decisions, so you may be more likely to resist drinking again. During these sessions, your coach may help with tactics to help you stay sober and just listen to your daily struggles to stay off of alcohol. A coach can help you stay positive, praise your success, and listen to problems you may not want to share with anyone else.

You Might Have Remote Monitoring

Your remote addiction coaching program might include remote monitoring too. A saliva test might be done to test for drugs so the coach can see instant results over video. They might use a breathalyzer app for alcohol and ask you to blow into the breathalyzer multiple times a day to verify you're staying sober. This keeps you accountable so you can't deceive your coach about not drinking.

This can help you and your coach build trust and also provide you with visual reinforcement that you're staying sober when you see the screen of all your past tests and see you haven't failed any. The app may include facial recognition so no one else can take the test for you to falsify the results.

You May Include Others

The more help you get with your recovery the better. Remote addiction coaching might also include family members or your therapist if you have one. This provides you with even more support so you don't feel alone as you struggle each day with the temptation to take a drink. However, if you prefer to keep your coaching private, you can do that too.

Remote addiction coaching is able to adapt to your preferences and needs, but it is also somewhat regimented so you have to put forth an effort to stay sober. You can also go to twelve-step meetings and get additional support elsewhere, but having remote sessions in the comfort of your home might make it easier for you to seek help if you don't feel comfortable going to support groups or therapy yet.

For more information on remote addiction coaching, contact a professional near you.